Monday, 3 November 2014

Prost Munich

Munich was never a place that I was desperate to travel to, but I'm glad I did visit the capital of Bavaria to witness the traditional charm. 

Famous for it's world renowned Oktoberfest meant only one thing - (over)indulge in the local brew. As the Contiki lifestyle is about as crazy as you want to make it, we ensured that on our last night in Munich we would drink our hearts out at the Hofbrauhaus. It's a huge traditional beer hall where you can only order steins of beer (that's one litre for those who weren't sure). Which is great if you love your beer. Although you might discover that you don't love beer so much after that 3rd stein. A little warning... After those first couple of steins it does seem to be a great idea to start smashing glasses together while shouting the German cheers 'Prost' to your table. It actually isn't a great idea if you don't want shattered glass in your beer or blood on your table. You've simply drank a little too much and I recommend that you reconsider the force of your 'Prosting' technique.

Something I'd recommend you do while travelling is rent a bike and get around town this way. You can stop and start as your heart desires. We were booked into a tour with Mike's Bikes which is an awesome company if you're into those jokes that sky rocket across the line into inappropriate zone (don't take this lightly). For one example we cycled through the English Garden with Justin Timberlake's song 'D!#k in a box' blaring from the tour guides speaker. I did cringe when anyone over the age of 40 strolled past. But to be honest I can handle most jokes and these guys were a great laugh as well as extremely informative of the area and its attractions.

If you're a bit of a surfer who is after a challenge, get yourself down to the English Gardens to the Eisbach a man-made wave. Local surfers, men and woman of all ages have got this wave down pat and it was pretty awesome to witness.

Munich was a short stay but defiantly a rememberable one. Although I will be aiming to get myself to an Oktoberfest to experience the large affair. 

The Eisbach
I'm a girl gone international because... I'm more comfortable when outside my 'comfort zone'.

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