Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Curing a hangover in Austria

Imagine this...

You're boarding a bus around 7:30am. Your hangover is as bad as you look. You're still feeling drunk. You're feeling extremely ill with a possible case of motion sickness. You're thinking that you just might pass out. You've slept less than 3 hours. Your liver is screaming for a detox and the rest of your body is just aching. It takes every last bit of your strength to get onto that bus. Sit down. Pass out. 

You're now fast asleep in some stupid and extremely uncomfortable bus sleeping position; mouth wide open catching flies, leaning heavily on your friend, drooling on your self or snoring down the bus. Which ever position you're in, you are not comfortable.

A few hours later you wake still feeling groggy. And this is what you see.

You think that you're dreaming of The Sound of Music. Rubbing your eyes you realise that you're awake. "Crap! Where are we? What is this place?". Taking a few moments to remember our destination, I could not believe how gorgeous this place was. This place is simply picture perfect. With its blue skies filled of fluffy white clouds, the crisp turquoise water, the rich green flora and those never-ending mountains. We only had a few hours stop in Austria to go white-water rafting which was an incredible experience, although I wished we stayed longer because it was just an unbelievable place.

Still feeling pretty groggy we were taught how to safely white-water raft, then carried our heavy rafts to the water. We were told that the water was 8 degrees or something, so I was sure that I wasn't going in. Little did I know at the time, that our boat leader had a different plan for us.

We all had to walk our rafts into the freezing cold water, struggle to get into our raft, paddle down the river and then all jump in, to practice pulling our partners out of the water incase of a 'man over board' situation. As we were all pretty average at doing this, the leader insisted I got back into the water so he could demonstrate how to pull someone out of the water using the correct techniques. So I hesitantly jumped back in knowing full well how flipping cold the water was. I should let you know for future hangovers that this could have been the cure to my hangover, a freezing cold shock to the system. The leader pulls me back into the raft as though I was drowning (I kind of was) and then insists I get back in again to show another technique to use. Before I knew it he was dunking my head under the water to 'gain some force' to pull me back out of the water. "You have got to be kidding me," I thought. Seriously this water was freezing and by now I had some serious dislike for our rafting leader and fingers on the verge of getting frostbite. Making me jump in three times. What a joke. He thought it was funny. He kind of was but that's beside the point of how cold I was.

After the demonstrations it was really nice to just relax and take in the sites. This place was simply beautiful. 

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