Sunday, 26 October 2014

Prague Fairy Tales

When first arriving in Prague I thought I was in a Walt Disney fairy tale. Seriously this place is completely gorgeous with the medieval architecture, beautiful Vltava River and the endless cobble stones roads leading to the famous Charles Bridge. On arrival our Contiki bus took us straight up to the Prague Castle which offers the most beautiful view over this picturesque city. Although the weather was gloomy and it drizzled a lot, which in turn had quiet the impact on my amateur photography so I must apologise for the images.

Within the first few hours of being in this fairy tale, the story took a huge page turn from Cinderella at the ball into Alice lost in Wonderland. Suddenly I was lost in Prague and late for a very important date - getting back onto that Contiki bus before it left. 
A girl on my tour and I really really had to use the ladies. So we quickly told another girl on the tour that we were going to duck into a restaurant to use the bathroom. A few minutes later we come out of the restaurant and everyone was gone. An instant flush of worry slapped me in the face. I had nothing; no phone, wallet, map, nothing. Although my friend did, not that this helped in the moment.
I quickly decided that we should run in the direction everyone had been walking. Then we came across intersections, never ending alley ways and a lot of people speaking a foreign language. After running around trying to find our group we arrived in the Old Town Square (beautifully enchanting minus the thousands of tourists), we were puffed and worried but to our relief we here this "Oi" in a familiar Australian accent. It was a friend that I came on the tour with. Boy were we glad to hear his voice. Moral of the story - always make sure someone knows where you're going.

For the rest of our time in Prague we explored the medieval city and what it had to offer. We watched a man blow a glass vase in only a few moments, drank a few too many of the local beers, watched the Astronomical Clock do its thing, witnessed some Czech style puppet shows and danced our nights away in some local dance clubs.

I fell in love with Prague before stepping off that bus and I defiantly wasn't ready to get back on after only 48 short hours in this mystical city.

Prague Cathedral
Seriously talented local art work.
'If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said' Rachel Wolchin 

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