Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dachua Concerntration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp is a place that everyone needs to see and experience. I have been trying to think of words to describe my experience but honestly there aren't words. It's something that you're just going to have to go and see for yourself.

Although I won't leave you in the dark, I will attempt to explain...
Taking in my first glimpse of the entrance gate I had this disturbing feeling. Walking through those gates I instantly felt a rush of emotions. Wondering what this place would have looked like when it was up and running. Picturing what the people would have been doing and what they would have looked like. Imagining the pain and sadness that these people would have been experiencing. You're instantly forced onto a roller coaster ride of these emotions and thoughts.

This place is packed full of information on what occurred the entire time the camp was open (while not leaving out any detail). The entire camp is being restored which really helps paint a picture of what it would have looked like during the war. Having read about these camps while in Berlin and the small amount I learnt while at school, seeing this place really has opened my eyes to the unbelievable cruel behaviour of human beings. As the saying goes 'seeing is believing'. This whole experience made the picture a bit more real in my imagination.

I walked out of here feeling horribly sorry for those who had lived inside this camp and wishing that something could have been done to stop what had happened. I walked away appreciating my life a lot more than I did before entering that gate.

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