Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Taking a step back into History while in Berlin.

Extravagant Berliner Dom.

I have to be honest, during my schooling years I wasn't well educated about World War one, World War two or even Hitler. I'm not sure if it was the teaching method or my lack of interest in school, but either way I am defiantly uneducated about these topics. It's sad really, I know nothing about these important history movements that have occurred in the world I live in. During my visit to Berlin I felt extremely lucky to have been taught a few things about these issues rather than from across the other side of the country in a class room.

For those who don’t know me well, I am extremely gentle at heart. I don’t like anything to do with blood, killing, pain or even scary movies or gross stories. For some unknown reason these things make me abnormally squeamish and give me nightmares or just interrupt my sleep, so I try to avoid them at all costs. Before arriving in Berlin it would have been nice if I was warned that in all these museums, they aren’t the slightest bit conservative of the images and information they put out there for the public. It is beyond confronting, it’s horrifying and disturbing in a very sad way.

We went to the Terror Museum and it was exactly that. You could feel and see the terror these people would’ve gone through when Hitler was in control. There were images of men that had been shot trying to escape, men and children that mimicked skeletons and piles of deceased people in pits. The information was equally as shocking. The detail that they went into was confronting and it really hurts to think that these people just like me and you had to go through this experience. 

While in Berlin I also visited the Holocaust Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe, which was an intense but strange experience. This memorial consists of concrete slabs all different heights built onto uneven ground. Walking through the memorial was so strange because these slabs kind of replicated coffins which was really uncomfortable. Also the fact that there was nothing explaining the reasoning for this memorial leaves the place feeling slightly empty - but still very full at the same time. Each to their own interpretation.

Berlin has more cranes than a Crane Shop, if that's even such a thing but you get the point. Berlin is still being rebuilt as it was absolutely flattened during WWII. Some of the buildings are being replicated which is great because they are so beautiful. Europe architecture really takes it to another level. I have found a new appreciation for architecture after witnessing some of the most beautiful buildings.

One thing you really must try in Germany is Currywurst. At first, I wasn’t at all inclined to try this to be honest. It didn’t look great and it isn't healthy. But I felt that I should experience some of the local cuisine, since I was here to indulge in new things. It is a pork sausage (steamed then fried), then it’s sliced up and mixed with this tomato sauce and then sprinkled with this curry powder on top. To my surprise this was actually pretty tasty.

Vibrant art on the Berlin Wall.
Part of the Berlin Wall.
Holocaust Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe.
Brandenburg Gate.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace". Sri Chinmoy Ghose.

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