Monday, 30 March 2015

Making the big move: Australia to The Netherlands.

Flying over Dubai
After an extremely short two days back in Australia catching up with family and close friends, I was already making the long commute back to Perth to catch my flights to Amsterdam. The entire drive felt like it flew past within moments. My head wasn't focused on the 600kms we were driving, but on all the things I felt I might not have packed, or my flight times and the life I was leaving to create a new one. The whole drive was a blur, but after 6 hours we finally arrived at the airport and oh my gosh did I have major butterflies.

Goodbyes are never easy, but when you know that you're leaving for a set 12 months and you have to get yourself through those 21 hours of flight time alone, you know that staying strong is imperative. Or travelling alone is only going to be a lot more difficult than it should be. So I hugged mum and my little sister goodbye and wandered into customs feeling pretty nervous and unsettled but at the same time feeling completely ecstatic about this new journey. Once boarding my first flight, it felt as though a lot of my anxiety was left behind. As soon as the aeroplane was off the ground there was no choice to turn around. I was doing this. I was going to live in the Netherlands for 12 months.

Arriving in Schiphol Airport I felt as though I could finally relax. I had made it. I was finally living a dream of mine. How is that? When did I get so lucky?
For such a long time I had always felt as though my dreams where always too big and out of reach. But I finally got my shit together and made things happen. Since 'getting my shit together' I have learnt that you can't just survive in life, you really must thrive. Thrive to be your best and create the best possible life for yourself, because only you can decide where your life takes you. 

I finally met my host family who I was going to be living with for the next 12 months. I was excited and nervous to start this new life, but I was determined to make it a great year.

"Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design." Jim Rohn.

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