Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pit stop in Pisa

Have you ever heard of this 'Contiki Flu', that everyone gets on their Contiki tours because everyone makes out with each other?
Well it's all a lie. Not everyone makes out with each other, well even if they do, this flu simply comes about because of the 'Contiki lifestyle'. Late nights, early mornings, insufficient amounts of sleep, unhealthy food, minimal exercise and a jam-packed itinerary are all part of Contiki and are all ingredients to a recipe for an immune system crash. And boy had mine crashed. In 'real life' I very rarely let any of these ingredients be part of my life as I like to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. So during my time travelling my body was in major shock while consistently fighting these ingredients but had managed to fail miserably. 

During the majority of my time on Contiki I was without a voice. I literally couldn't talk. If I tried really hard I could push out a squawk that sounded like a dying bird. It was truly horrible and bad timing because getting to know people became such an effort. But with the Contiki schedule and the desire to make the most of my time travelling I soldiered on with my squawking voice.

I managed to crawl off the bus to witness the bizarre Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is really quite a strange site as the building is actually on a huge lean. Well obviously, but I didn't think it would look as peculiar as it did when I first saw it. I mean, it looks like its about to fall over, well I hope not. But I couldn't believe how much of a lean the building is on.

There wasn't enough time to climb the tower or go inside the Duomo Cathedral so instead we enjoyed a nice stroll around the area while giggling at the tourists attempting typical touristy photos with the Leaning Tower.

We only stopped here for a few hours before heading to our next destination, so stay tuned.

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